Project Portfolio

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  • Gatwick Q6 Standard 3 HBS machine trials
  • Gatwick Check-in/BagDrop
  • Gatwick ST Pier1/BagFactory


  • Heathrow Q6 Baggage ICS scheme & early production design
  • Edinburgh Baggage PLC software upgrade and Early Bag Store SCADA
  • Gatwick ST Baggage break-ins for conveyor line links to new ST Pier1/BagFactory
  • Heathrow Q6 Standard 3 HBS Asset Replacement - concept, supplier selection consultancy¬†
  • Gatwick ST Airside Development / Crew Reporting & Domestic Reclaim
  • Gatwick NT & ST Baggage Asset Replacement
  • Edinburgh SCADA Remediation and BAA Separation
  • Gatwick TBF CTX Replacement
  • Gatwick NT Extension
  • BAA / Gatwick Separation of Baggage Systems
  • Gatwick Single Baggage Operator Control Room
  • Gatwick Centralised Airport Hold Baggage Screening Facility
  • Gatwick SCADA Replacement Project
  • Gatwick SAC Replacement Project
  • BAA South East Airports Baggage Security Remediation Programme